Razor, best known for their nostalgic scooters, has been creating innovative outdoor gear and electric-powered youth lifestyle recreational wheeled goods to inspire and excite riders for almost two decades and is a name parents have known and trusted for their kids and themselves.

From electric scooters and electric skateboards to hoverboards and more, Razor is leading the way in the kids and family tech space for outdoor play. 



eace Frogs is more than just a brand, they are a community and a movement to get outside, enjoying nature,  preserving the environment and giving back. And Peace Frogs is not jumping on they “feel good” bandwagon. They have been around for over 30 years with a long track record of giving back to charitable causes, the environment and their community, while creating eco-friendly clothing, t-shirts and gear to make people smile, inspire and show their peaceful froggie love.



North Star Games introduced their new line of games called Happy Planet in early 2018. The line is focused on the idea that their games “raise the happiness level of everyone playing”.

“Many games are great fun to play, but do they really make people ‘happy’? Happy Planet games have the ability to increase a player’s level of happiness” states Dominic Crapuchettes, Founder and Co-President of North Star Games. “We’ve seen it countless times. These quick and extremely fun games instantly get everyone, whether playing or observing, smiling, laughing and feeling energized. As an added bonus, nobody really cares who wins – they just want to play again!” 



We consider each piece of jewelry to be a work of art that offers the kind of uniqueness the world has been seeking. We convey this by including a custom designed wooden display stand with each piece purchased. Statement Peace is who we are. Admire it, wear it is our brand motto. Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, the sentiment will always remain.

We at Statement Peace believe when you operate out of peace and love it is felt by all. We also believe that energy is transferable. With every piece of peace we create we transfer our passion, high vibrations and good juju with the intention that you feel our vibes. Gravitate. Vibe. Repeat.



You may have seen these guys on Shark Tank! They were on Season 6 and got a deal with Daymon Smith.

Sun-Staches are a new, fun style of eyewear PERFECT for parties, holidays or any occasion and are the answer to all your fashion follies! Sun-Staches are made for adults and kids, too!



DirtyBird Energy is dedicated to creating products to help productivity for active, busy lifestyles.  Whether it is getting up and out of the house, at school, at the office, during a workout, or raising children, they want to help everyone be at their best and most productive! 




Stephen Joseph specializes in bright and colorful gifts and products for your child.

Since 1981, Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique gifts while delivering service to our customers which exceed their expectations!

Stephen Joseph had everything from toys to arts & crafts to appeal and accessories, travel gear, school gear and more! All coordinating and most can be personalized! 


Q WUNDER by EQtainment

Q Wunder by EQtainment is on a mission to improve the world’s social and emotional skills through entertaining kids games, books and their new Q Wunder show and app.

The heart of the award-winning, Q Wunder is in their original programming. Your child joins Q on fun adventures fueled by valuable lessons that develop their social and emotional skills.

Parents and educators love the way the products help kids develop self-awareness, manners, problem solving, empathy, responsibility, grit and more. Kids just love that they’re so much fun!



Max & Ola make baby shoes and baby apparel in the time-honored tradition; with our hands & our hearts, using only certified, non-toxic materials. We start with the finest materials we can find, and then we do our best to make sure these are processed as naturally as possible, without harsh chemicals, so we can keep our environment and our children healthy.



The Jupiter Bike boldly goes where no bike has gone before.

Jupiter Bike is a smart folding electric bicycle with lithium rechargeable battery. The Jupiter Electric Bike makes getting around campus easy! Get where you're going at speeds of up to 20 mph for up to 15 miles. And thanks to its lightweight aluminum alloy frame, this foldable electric bicycle is easy to transport and store.



Dust & Sugar makes high quality Italian goat leather pillows for the discerning with an eye for fashion and design.

The pillows come in a choice of subtle, but stunningly beautiful colors there are perfect for the modern home.




alternaVites and alternaVites Kids are the coolest and most versatile vitamins on the market! They can be taken by either sprinkling it on your tongue, where it melts in your mouth, by mixing it into smoothies, shakes, yogurts or puddings, or even used as a fruit topping . The options are endless!




ClassDojo is an education app now used in 90% of all K-8 schools in the U.S. and 180 countries.

ClassDojo also provides resources and activities for parents outside of the classroom, focused on their child’s emotional development….a topic most schools do not focus on…and allowing parents who’s child’s school may not have the app in place, to utilize these resources for free.



"Should I Scoop Out My Bagel" will give no holds-barred answers to the questions that keep every modern woman wondering why her weight is high, her libido is low, and her mind is scattered. While many only feel comfortable asking these types of questions of their best friend, they really want expert advice.



Kitt Allan is a body positive startup with a social mission. Made by women and for women, Kitt Allan offers well-crafted, customizable, comfortable, sexy lingerie, swim, sleep and fitness wear for diverse bodies and needs. Kitt Allan is made in America with high-quality fabrics.





Fuzzy Flyers are plush characters that recognize actions and play sound - a whole new category of interaction and gameplay!